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How to use Twin Folders

Twin Folders synchronizes files between two folders. First folder may reside on one computer, and second on another. You need network connection between computers and folder sharing enabled. If network is not the case, you can use removable media.

Sync to network shared folder

Using Twin Folders is very easy – you do all work in three simple steps:
  1. Select first folder;
  2. Select second folder;
  3. Click Synchronize button to make contents of the two folders equal.

Sync via removable media

You can synchronize without a network. Use removable media - like USB flash drive. First synchronize files between one computer and removable media (create a copy of your work folder on removable disk); Then take removable disk to another computer and synchronize files again - between removable disk and second computer.


Another use of Twin Folders is data backup. Keep a copy of your work folder on some backup device - like removable CD-RW disk, ZIP drive or USB flash drive. Use Twin Folders to synchronize files between your computer and a backup device. If a data restore is required, you can do it by synchronizing the folders again - any files that were lost on your computer will be copied from the backup device automatically.

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