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Twin Folders version history

Version 4.5

Released 2012-Feb-09. New features:
- Include Sub-Folders option now allowed for FTP folders.

Version 4.4

Released 2012-Feb-07. New features:
- Passive Mode option added for FTP;
- Bug fixed - root FTP folders are now accessible (not sub-folders only);
- Drop-down menu added when selecting 1st and 2nd folder, allowing Local or FTP folder selection;
- Menu icons changed once more.

Version 4.3

Released 2010-Jan-15. New features:
- Context menu added;
- Windows Send To menu supported;
- Drag-Drop supported;
- Menu icons changed.

Version 4.2

Released 2007-May-18. New features:
- Logon into a Windows Domain now supported for automated background tasks.

Version 4.1

Released 2007-Dec-01. New features:
- Fixed problems with automated background synchronization. Now it works as intended with Windows NT, 200x, XP and Vista, even after user log off.
- Added ability to synchronize on a folder content change event.
- Added "Don't show this message again" checkbox in some information messages.

Version 4.0

Released 2007-Sep-25. New features:
- Much faster scanning and synchronizing;
- List of tasks;
- Access to FTP folders;
- Automated background synchronization (Windows XP required);
- Now supports Windows Vista.

Version 3.0

Released 2004-Jul-28. New features:
- Menu bar added;
- Recent folder pairs in File menu;
- Option to pre-select current folder when select a folder;
- Option to not rescan folders automatically;
- Option to delete to recycle bin;
- Option to turn off prompts for orphan files in older folder;
- Resolved problem with read-only files;
- Drag-drop support and Send-to command in Windows Explorer;
- Option to add Uninstall icon in Start menu for temporary installs;
- Delete/Copy dialog now have "Same for all such files" checkbox.

Version 2.1

Released 2003-Aug-24. New features:
- Added an ability to specify direction of synchronization.

Version 2.0

Released 2003-Jan-12. New features:
- Added an ability to open synchronized folders in Windows Explorer;
- Added an ability to view lists of newer or unique files in each folder.

Version 1.03

Released 2002-Sep-27.
The first release.

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