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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Twin Folders use to compare files - date, time, or file size?

Twin Folders checks file date and time. File size and file content are not compared.

What are minimum requirements to run Twin Folders?

There are no minimum requirements; if your computer runs Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT4/ME/98, then it can execute Twin Folders. If you need to run automated background tasks, then Windows NT, 200x, XP, Vista or 7 required.

How do I synchronize files between two computers?

You need network connection between the two computers. You run Twin Folders on first PC, and make a folder shared on the second, so that it is accessible on first PC.

If network is not the case, you can synchronize between two computers using removable media (flash drive, floppy, zip, etc.).

In any case, all work is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the 1st folder;
  2. Select the 2nd folder;
  3. Synchronize!

Can I synchronize to a floppy, zip drive, CD-RW, USB flash drive?

Yes, for example for backup purposes.

Are subfolders processed?

Yes by default, but you can switch it off in (any) task properties.

What if I occasionally select folders that should not be synchronized?

Twin Folders is smart. If it finds that you have selected folders that do not match - it will warn you that you should not synchronize them. If finds an orphan file in a folder that looks older, it will prompt you to delete it. It always shows a conclusion about the two selected folders.

What if the two synchronized computers are using different Windows versions - e.g. Windows 2000 on one and Windows XP on another?

It does not matter. You can synchronize your files between any Windows versions. It is even possible to synchronize files between a Windows-based computer running Twin Folders and a network-connected computer with non-Windows OS (Linux, MacOS, etc.).

Why do I need to enter my logon information in order to use scheduled tasks?

Twin Folders background sync service is running at system level and it is working even before you log on, and after you log off. While you are not logged on, your account-specific network connections are not established, and your account-specific folders (like My Documents) are not accessible. Thus Twin Folders needs to logon on your behalf.

I have no password set for Windows logon. Why I cannot use scheduled tasks?

Twin Folders needs to logon on your behalf (see previous question). The LogonUser Windows API function does not work with empty passwords (a security measure to prevent remote logons to your system). The only workaround is to create a password for your Windows account.

Twin Folders became slow to start

This is a known issue with Twin Folders 3.0. Please download and install the latest version of Twin Folders (currently v4.5) from .

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